Monday, December 13, 2010

Okay, well it has been a pretty good week. We actually just got changes last night and Elder Robinson is leaving to go train for his last change. Elder Gomez is coming with me. I am pretty excited. I am glad to be with a mexican again. I learned a ton from Elder Robinson, but I didn´t learn much spanish, as you can imagine. We spoke in english the whole time. It felt good to practice my english again, but I am glad to get back into one hundred percent spanish. This Elder Gomez is a funny kid. We should have a lot of fun. He goes home in just two more changes, so I might get another companion in six weeks again.
Well... things are going great. We are starting to find a lot of great people. I have a pretty cool story for you all. So a couple weeks ago we got a call from this member in another state and she asked if we could go over to her aunt´s house to give her a blessing. We went that saturday and there were about four people waiting for us. Her aunt, the women we went to see, was in horrible condition. She was laying in a bed, in the condition just above a coma. She couldn´t talk, walk, move, or even breath be herself. The only thing she could do was open her eyes. Her two kids were there, a daughter-in-law, and a grandson. We explained what we were going to do and about the power of the priesthood. Then we gave her a blessing. We blessed her that she would be comforted, and that God would do his will and that her family and her would accept whatever that may be. She past away the next day. We went back to talk to the family and they were very grateful and right now we are teaching them. It is amazing to see the power of the priesthood and haw God trusts us with this resposibility.
I love you all so much. I know Christ lives and that this is his church. ¡Animo!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hey everyone. How are you all doing? I hope amazing. So this last week was pretty good. We have a family of four that are all committed to baptism and another family of three with date for the 18th. Right now we are trying to turn the area around. We have a lot of work, but it sould be great. On wednesday we get to go to the temple here is mexico city as a zone. I am way excited. The zone is going good. We are working through some problems with a few elders, but it is slowly getting better. Just last week Elder Jessup was put as assistant to the President. It was pretty amazing. He is for sure the "youngest" ever. ha ha it is fun to have our golden companionship in the MTC as a zone leader and AP.

It is so crazy to think that it is almost christmas already. It is crazy how time flys here. It isn`t quite the same without snow but the purpose of the holiday season is the same. I am so grateful for Christ. I can`t even begin to tell you how much I have had to lean on him and apply his atonement in my life these last eight and a half months.

I hope you are all doing amazing. I love you. Smile for me.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey everyone. Well... it was a great week. There isn´t too much to say. We had a four day leadership conference and we are going to changing a lot of things in the mission. I am excited. Right now we are teaching some great people so we should see some baptisms real soon.

That is awesome about the BYU Utah game. It is crazy how fast sports news gets around the mission. For example... I knew every detail of the game by sunday morning. It sounds like it was pretty intense.

Tell Anson I say felicidades. I hope everything went great. I am sure it did. So there isn´t a cumputer place near by that has a way to pass pictures, so that is why you haven´t got any for a while. I will send some as soon as I can. I am sorry that I don´t write much. I love you all

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey everyone! So the time is going so fast. I can´t believe that I already have eight months in the mission. I have a feeling it is going to be done before I know it. Things are going great here. We had a couple let downs yesterday at church, but there is nothing to complain about. Life is good, the gospels true, and Christ lives. Knowing that, there is never a reason to be sad or depressed.
So how is everything going? I bet you are all excited and pumped for Anson´s wedding and the BYU vs. Utah game. You better let me know how it goes. So how is life going? Is the whole family coming down this weekend? Tell them all that I say hi.
So me and Elder Robinson have been working out a lot lately. Every night we work out and every morning we go to the church and run and throw the football around. We actually just bought a new football today, so I am excited. He wants to go try out for BYU when he get home so I am helping him out.
Everything is great here. We are meeting some amazing people and the work is moving along great. This week we have another four day leadership conference, so it should be fun. It is always so great to learn from President. Well, as you know, time is short, so keep smiling for me and count your blessings. I love you all

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hey my great family. How are you all doing? I hope just amazing. Every sunday all the zone leaders go to the offices of the mission to report, and sometimes we don´t get done til late. That is why I am writing so early. I thought I would send a quick shout out while I was here with all the computers.
So how is life going? Everything is amazing here. We had another baptism yesterday and it was great. Her name was Crescencia. She is about 68 years old. Her parents got baptized when whe was in her mid 20´s, but she just never say that much importance in being baptized, but we helped her understand and she was so happy to finally do it. Her daughter wants to get baptized too and I think it should happen within a couple weeks.
Elder Johnson from the seventy came and talk to the whole mission this last week. He also had a privite meeting with the zone leaders of the mission. He is an amazing guy and for sure called of God. He talked to us about finding, teaching, and baptizing the chosen people. He also that we shouldn´t waste time trying to prepare the people who aren´t ready yet. That is not our responsibilty. We have to find the people that are already ready. DyC 29:7 It has made a huge difference just in this last week. He told us that there is no excuse for a missionary to not baptize every week. I am so excited to keep working like this. We are finding some great people that have been waiting to find this gospel. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares His children.
I miss you all and I thank you for everything you have done and still do for me. We are so blessed. I love you all so much

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey, so how are you all doing? Things are going great here. We have a baptism scheduled for this saturday and I am way excited as usual. Things are amazing here in this area. We are finding some great people that have been looking for this Gospel. We should start seeing a lot of baptisms within the next month or so. Elder Robinson and I have been working hard, but we aren´t in our area as much as we would like. As zone leaders we are all over the place. This week is going to be like that too. The area president, President Johnson is coming to the mission and he is going to be here all week. We have a ton of leadership meetings and conferences, so we are not going to be able to work in our area too much. I am so excited to hear him and learn from him. It should be a great week.

Thank you so much for the package. We finished off the candy within the week. I have no idea how I am going to be able to make the curry, but thank you :) Right after we write we are heading home to make pancakes with the syrup.

I hope you guys are all doing amazing. This week I have been thinking a lot and I can`t even start to explain how blessed I am and how blessed we are as a family. Although there are a lot of great people here, it is so sad to see what has become of some people´s life. I wish you could all see and experience what I am seeing and experiencing. We are so blessed and you better never forget it. Life is good!!!

I love you all and thank you for your emails. love you!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hey everyone. So this week was pretty good. We had another baptism this last friday and it was great. We are now starting to work with the members and I am way excited. Me and Elder Robinson taught the fifth week lesson and we talked about missionary work a lot. They were way excited to help and we started a couple programs for them to find friends to share the gospel with. I have a big feeling that we are going to get a lot of references in the next month or so. Right now we have a ton of amazing people that we are teaching. I can´t even begin to explain how grateful I am for the success we are seeing. I think this change is going to be a good one.
So zone leader is pretty fun. There is a lot more stress to try to please everyone and God at the same time, but what I figured out that if we can´t please both, it is better to please God. I am learning a lot and I am excited for this week.
So how is everyone doing? I can´t believe Anson is getting married. I want a lot of pictures. Tell the whole family that I said hi and that I hope they are doing great.
I bought something for the family for Chrismas so I will try to send it off within the next couple weeks. I think you will really like it. I love you all and I hope you are doing great. I wish you could all feel the kind of things I am feeling here on the mission, but I guess I will just have to do my best to try to explain after. I love you all.

Monday, October 25, 2010

So it was a pretty crazy week. Just this last saturday we had special changes again and I am now zone leader in the zone Iztapalapa. I am pretty nervous, but way excited. I am with Elder Robinson from wyoming. He is a huge guy and a lot of fun. I wish I had more time to tell you everything, and I feel bad that I don´t, but just know that I love you all and I hope you are all doing great. Please keep writing. Even if I don´t write back very much, I love hearing ffrom you. I love you all. This work is true!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

He's Been Out Seven Months Now!!!

Hey everyone!!!!! So this week was amazing. Just yesterday we had three baptisms and they were amazing. One was a kid named angel. He is ninteen years od and he is already wanting to serve a mission. I am pretty sure we are going to be friends our whole lifes. He is such a stud. I will send some pictures! Everything is going great here. My companion has two weeks left so I have to kind of keep him working, but it is okay. I am learning a lot from him and my president told me that he put him with me so I might learn more love and leadership. I have aready earned a lot of patience that is for sure.
I wish I could tell you all that is happening, but we have rules and instructions that we shouldn´t tell our families about everything. ha ha. So Anson is getting married? Wow, that was fast. That is so awesome. I am a little bummed that I can´t be there, but I am so excited for him. You better send me some pictures. And yes mom, you can send me pictures through this email. please do. I am dying to see you all. I love you so much. please forgive me again for my short emails. We never have much time. I love you. send photos!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is the Baptism we had just this last Sunday, yesterday. Her name is Karina.

These are our neighbors. Hermana Lulu and Fabiola.

My companion was playing with my camera.

Our baptism that we had thursday. Her name is Lizbeth.

Hey my family!! how are you all doing? So I now have a new companion. His name is Elder Lopez. We had special changes this last week to help out the zone and ya... that is how it is. He is pretty cool. he only has three weeks left so I have to make sure he keeps working. So things are great here. We had two baptisms this week. One thursday and one just yesterday. They were so great. I will send some pictures for sure. We have three more planned for this sunday. I am so excited. Everything is going great here. The spanish is getting better everyday and I can´t wait to talk to mom and hailey in spanish this christmas. I hope you are all doing great. I miss you all. How is life treating you? sorry again that I don´t write much. I love you so much. I will make sure to share a story or two next week. I love you.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey!! How`s it going? so things have been a little crazy this week. We had transfers so I am getting to know my new district. Elder Heredia and I are still here in Cuauhtemoc but we just found out last week that we now have two areas. There are usually about 200 elders in this mission and right now we have about 135. There are a ton of missionaries and companionships that have to preach in two or three areas. Right now Elder Heredia and I have both Cuauhtemoc and Buenavista (which roughly translated means "fairview" ha ha). It is a lot of work because we know nothing about the area or the ward so we are pretty mush starting from scratch. I am really excited and I know it is just more blessings.
The work is going great. We already have three people with a baptismal date for Octuber and a couple more that are really close. I love this area and I am already scared to have to leave. The people are so great. I am so blessed to be a missionary and I can´t believe that I have already been out for six months. It is pretty crazy.
Espero que todos esten bien. Por favor disculpenme por mis cartitas. Es que no me gusta escribir mucho y no tenemos mucho tiempo. Voy are mandar mas fotos a Hailey para que ustedes no esten tan enojados conmigo. Tambien voy a tratar a mandar un video en unas semanas. Perdonenme por no poder hablar con cada uno de ustedes. Muchisimas gracias por sus cartas. Me encanta leer las cada semana. ¿Pueden enviarme mas fotos? Solo tengo uno de la familia. Tal vez algunos do Redfish o de Matthew jugando futbol americano o algo asi. Gracias. Los amo muchisimo. Sè que esta iglesia es la iglesia de Jesucristo y que Èl vive.
Elder Ricks

Monday, September 20, 2010

^^The Priesthood. ha ha ^^

^^The food is amazing!!!^^

^^The sister who cooks for us almost every Sunday.^^

^^My zone^^

^^I just love this mask.^^
So how is everything going? Everything is great here. The only thing we saw from the hurricane was a little rain, but a little rain is normal for here. The mission president told us all to stay in our house saturday and sunday, but it wasn´t bad at all, so we went out and worked. haha don´t tell anyone. Everyone was all scared, but nothing happened. Right now the air is so clear and clean. I have never seen it this clean before. it is really nice.
I think I told you that I was going to tell you an amazing story this week, so here it goes. So about a month ago we were walking home after a long day and we passed this young man and a middle aged women in the street waiting for a bus. We said buenas noches and kept walking. When we looked back they were both staring at us so we decided to talk to them. It turns out that the young man was a member and the lady was his aunt. She said the wanted to hear about what we teach, so we set up an appointment for the next monday. well... fastforward about three weeks. We have already talked about José Smith and the book of mormom. We went again to her house to kind of tie it all together. We started talking about prayer again and how she needs to pray. We invited her to pray and she said okay, so we all knelt down to pray. After about ten seconds she still wasn´t saying anything, so I opened my eyes to see if she was waiting for one of us to pray of something. When i opened my eyes and looked at her, I saw that her mouth was moving, so I started to say me own prayer in my heart for her that she might recieve her answer, and my companion did the same. About halfway through I felt a distinct feeling that she was recieving her answer in that moment and right when I felt it, she started to cry. She prayed for about ten minutes like that. After, we started to talk about what we all felt and we all started to cry. Right now she is already asking to be baptized. I am so excited and happy for her.
Anyway... that is one of many that I am experiencing here in the work of the Lord. We just baptized another family last week and they are so solid. Their name is Deseusa and they are already making plans to get sealed in a year.
I hope you are all doing amazing. I love you all so much.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am so sorry, but I have no time. I know you want to hear some stories, but there is nothing I can do. I love you all. Next week I will write a lot I promise. I have an amazing story for you so remind me. I love you so much. Smile and show Christ you love Him.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A New Letter and Pictures!

Hey!! How is everything going? I am pretty sure that my letters start out the same every week, but oh well. I hope you guys are all doing great. It is so great to hear from you every monday. It sounds like you are all having a great time and that makes my happy. I miss you all, but I don´t want to come home. I hope you can understand. It is so great to be out here and I can´t even begin to explain how much I am learning. I feel bad that all of you can´t be out here with me, but you all have your own experiences and you shouldn´t trade them for anything.

So this week was okay. well, every week is good, but this one wasn´t quite as great as others. Just a couple days ago we had to drop a family, or I guess they kind of dropped us. It was the famliy of Ramses, the kid who was dying to get baptized just a couple weeks ago. The one daughter who is 17 years old still want to learn a little bit so we will be working with her, but Ramses and his other sister are starting their first comunion in the catholic church this week. It is hard because I feel like we could have done more and now they don´t really want anything.

There were some good things this week though. A family got married this saturday and they want to get baptized within the next couple weeks, so that is a good thing. We also had three new investigators come to church this week and they already have a date for the 16th of this month. I am so excited for them. This are going goo, but I know they can still improve.

Matthew!!!! What is up bro? Dude, I don´t know your email. You need to email me so I can write you back man. Mom and Dad told me that you are doing great in football. I hope so. Just remember that you can never go back in time, so you better play every play like it is your last. Hit so hard that they are scared to play the rest of the game. Hit so hard that they remember your name and number the whole season. The harder you hit the less it hurts. When you are running the ball, you make sure that you hit them harder then they hit you and I promise you will never get hurt. Keep it up man. Represent your name "Ricks". Love you bro

I love you all and i hope you have a great week. The word "condemnation" is all over in the scriptures. You know what is means? Condemnation? It is when we are stopped in our progess. Don't let it happen. I love you

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey guys. I don´t really have a lot of time, we are running last for an appointment, but I wanted to say hi and thank you for your emails. They always make me happy. I am glad that you are all doing great. Everything here is going great. Time is flying. I am already a little scared to have to leave. I wish I had time to tell you everything that is happening. spanish is going great and I am forgetting more and more english everyday. It is going to be so hard to have to speak in english when I come home. it is going to be funny though. My companion is great, but it is like babysitting. He does a lot of random things and I have to control him sometimes, but it is fun and I am learning patience. I love you all and sorry for the short letter. Be happy for me. I love you, and never take the gospel for granted. I can{t explain how great of blessing it is.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Well, things are going great here. Remember that kid I told you about in my last email? well, we went back to visit them tuesday and the first question he asked me was "what do I need to do to get baptized?" It was pretty surprising, but he said that he wanted to get baptized the next day, but we are going to baptize him with the rest of his family in a couple of weeks. I am way excited for him and for his whole family. Anyway... I wanted to share that little story with you guys.

So how is everything going? oh ya... my nieghbor is member and her and her daughter want to see pictures of utah and of the mountains by our house and pictures of snow. so... If you could, please sent me some pictures of our mountains and of redfish and of us in the snow. haha thank you. It was so funny, last night we were talking to them and they couldn´t believe that we can sleep outside without getting robbed and that we actually go camping. They thought that was something that is only in the movies. They asked what it feels like when it snows and what the mountains look like with all the snow. It was a lot of fun expaining everything to them. They want to visit utah during general conference so I told them that they could come stay at our house when I finish my mission.

So summer is finally over!! how crazy is that? That went by pretty fast. I hope it was fun and you guys got a lot of stuff done. I hope you guys are all doing great. I wish I could explain everything that is happening here, but this why it will be more fun when I come home and get to tell you everything. I love you all!!!

***Taylor also sent me a bunch of pictures that I'll put up later when I'm not at work. Get excited!!!***

Monday, August 16, 2010

Five Months!

^^This is Alejandra. She got baptized the 24th of July^^
^^This is Itzel. She got baptized the 31st of July.^^
^^This is the familia de Itzel. They are the cutest kids ever.^^
Hey family!!
So I don´t know where to start. This week was a pretty good one. Yesterday we had two more baptisms. It was great. I will send a picture. I have never seen them more happy. Just the other day we were teaching a sister and her three kids. Her son is 13 years old and during our lesson he told us that he doesn´t believe in God and that he thinks we are just alone on this earth. He also told us that he believes a little bit in La Santa Muerte. If you don´t know what that is, go look it up. It is pretty spooky. anyway... I told him the reason I came on a mission and why I believe in God (if you don´t know my reasons maybe I will tell you someday). By the end he was crying and the spirit was amazing. This was last wednesday. The next day he came to the activities at the church with his mom and Sunday he came to church and this morning he came with us to play futbol (soccer) with all the other elders. He is doing great. His mom too. We still need to work a little bit with his sisters, but I know that they are going to get baptized. I am way excited for them.
Elder Heredia is great. His old companion told me that i need to keep an eye on him because he does some random thing sometimes, but so far it hasn´t been too bad. He doesn´t talk a lot like Elder Carreon, so I am forced to talk and I am so grateful for that. Spanish is coming a lot faster. I can´t wait til I don´t need any help at all.
I sent some pictures last week, but I don´t think you guys got them all so I am going to try again. I love you so much.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? So we just had cambios. I forgot the word in english, but it is every six weeks when we change areas or companions. Anyway... My companion, Elder Carreon, is heading to another area to be district leader. His campanion is Elder Hauret. Remember him from the MTC? ha ha he was the black kid in my district. My new companion is Elder Heredia. Oh, and I am District leader. I am a little nervous because I havèn´t even been here for a whole change, but I am excited too.

We had three baptisms this sunday and it was great. It was a family. The dad, mom, and daughter. I will send some pictures. We have another four in the next two weeks. I am excited. Everything is going great. I will tell you some more with pictures. I love you all.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey everyone. So..... how was redfish? I hope it was great. I am sure it was. Well, this last week was pretty great. We had another baptism this last saturday and we have five more this next sunday, and four more for this month. I am pretty excited. This last baptism was a little nine year old girl. The water was freezing cold because the bishop forgot to buy gas. I felt so bad for her. It took har about five minutes to finally get down in the water. I had to talk her in to it and tell her it was giong to be fast and after she could get all warm. She was like wrapped around my arm. It was pretty fun. She did so good though. I wish I could send you a picture this week, but I am kind of in a crappy internet cafe. ha ha The fact that they have internet is pretty good though. I will send some pictures next week. Everything is great here. It is pretty fun being a tall white guy here. Everyone is always staring at me and the teenagers and young adults usually have something to say that I can´t write you. ha ha it is pretty fun though. I am fore sure one of the tallest in the city. The food is amazing too. I don´t know if I already told you that, but I love it. Anyway... I hope you are all doing amazing and I promise I will send some pictures next week. Sorry again for the short letter. I love you all!!! Chist lives!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I forgot to post this email from last week, sorry! This is from July 19th:

Hola mi familia. ¿Como han estado? Gracias por sus mensajes. Fue bueno escuchar sobre sus experiencias y todas de las cosas estan haciendo. No puedo esperar a leer sus cartas apoxima semana. Lo siento, pero no tengo mucho tiempo para ecribir. Creo que va a estar asi por mas o menos toda do mi misión. So how are you all doing? I hope you can understand a little bit of that. I am sorry but I don´t have a whole lot of time to write. Everything is going great. We have a baptism this saturday so that should be great. I am excited. I talked in church yesterday. it was about a fifteen minute talk about adversity or adversidad. it was a lot of fun. I hope everyone could understand me. The work is going great. spanish is slowly coming. I wish I could write more, and I know mom is probably frustrated that I don´t, but we have all of our lifes to talk about things we did, but only one time to do them. Right now is my time to serve, so sorry if you don´t get a lot in my letters.
It was great to hear about everything you are doing. It sounds like you are having a great summer. I can´t wait to hear about redfish. I love you all so much. keep writing. The Gospel is true! Read 3 Nefi 22:7-8. Great promise. I love you. smile for me!!!

Week Two in Mexico

Hey Family, how is everything going? So like always I don't have a lot of time, but I want to tell you just a couple things. So there is this sister that has been in the church for about 14 years, but has never been baptized. We have been teaching her and she is ready to get baptized in two weeks. anyway... just a couple days ago she called us and said that she needed to go to the hospital. we ran over to her house and she was having pains in her stomach and in her shoulders. just like when I messed up my spleen. Well, I knew it was something serious. we gave her a blessing and before we got to the hospital she felt fine and the docters said that nothing was wrong with her. It was pretty cool. And the baptism this last saturday went great. Her name was Alejandra. She is 19 years old and has a little girl. she told us that she wanted to change her life. She was so happy.
So how is everything going? Everthing here is going great. We have another baptism this saturday. I am excited.
It sounds like redfish was a blast. I wish I could have been there, but here is probably a little better. I don't mean to make you feel bad, but it is true. Well... I love you all and I hope everything is going great. Sorry again that my letters are so short. I love you

Thursday, July 15, 2010

He's finally in Mexico!!!!

Hey everyone!!!! Mexico City is crazy!! I can't even begin to explain it. I got here thursday night around ten and friday morning we had a training with President Chavez. He is great. I already love him. That night I got my companion, Elder Carreon, and went to my first area. I am in Iztapalapa. It is like the ghettos of all ghettos. Got look it up. Elder Carreon is awesome. He is from Chihuahua and he doesn't speak a word of english. I am glad he doesn't though. We live in one of the best apartments in town and it is worse than any house in fairview. It is about the size of mom and dad's room, which is way good for here. Our shower doesn't work so we have to get a bucket of water and to make it hot we have this old iron, like for clothes, put it in the water and plug it in. haha them we just use a cup and bathe. I love it though. The people are great. I still don't know a lot of the people, but I will. We have about ten baptisms scheduled for this month and a couple for august already. Spanish is still my weakness, but I know it will come.
Mom, how is your spanish coming? I told Hailey that when I call for christmas I am not going to speak any english to her. I am thinking about doing the same thing to you, so you better be ready. I love you
Dad, how are you doing? So the YM are having problems huh? I wish I knew how to help. it is kind of hard to get them to care about a lot of things, and I was the same way. Tell them that I say Hi and that I have never been happier in my life as I am right now on my mission. Ask then what is the most important thing in their life and let them think about it. anyway... I love you
Hailey, I am glad you answered your phone this time. It was great to talk to you. Mexico city is crazy! I can't even begin to explain. I can see why a lot of them want to come to america. How is life going? I love you
Nia, it was great to talk to you on the phone. You sound great. I am glad you are having fun at the bakery. Tell the girls I say hi and that I miss them and I am glad I am still in your thoughts. I am excited for you to start school. I love you
Shayla!!! How was girls camp? I am sad I didn't get to talk to you. I hope you had a ton of fun. How is life going? Tennis? Fill me in. I miss you. I love you
Matthew! what's up bro? dad says that you might be taller than me when i get home, but you can keep dreaming. How is your summer going? How did you go in state? I love you
Well, life is great and I am so glad to be here. I have figured out these last couple weeks that life is only as bad as you make it, and it is always possible to be more happy. And to be honest, what do we really have to be sad about? nothing. If you could see what I have seen, you would never be sad, and I haven't even seen half of it. I love you all and we are all so blessed. Have a great week and smile for me. And do me a favor, don't pray for me anymore. I want you to pray for the people in Mexico city. They are the ones that really need it. Okay? I will try to send some pictures next week. :):)

Monday, July 5, 2010

He finally got his Visa!!!

Hey everyone! I got some good news. I went and signed for my visa last wednesday and I should be leaving sometime this week. I am so ready to leave and get to mexico. I don't know exactly what day, but I can't wait to call. I hope you guys are home when I call. I guess we will see.
I hope everything is going great. I am sorry that i never really have much time to write, but that is just how it is. These are my two addresses. The first one is for just letters and the second is for packages and things like that.
Mexico City South Mission
po box 30150
Salt Lake City Utah 84130
Av. Del Taller No. 540
Col. Jardin Balbuena
Del. Venustiano Carranza
Mexico, D.F., Mexico
C.P. 15900
I have to go. sorry so short. I will call you from the airport when I leave. I love you all. Have a great wee

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey Family,
How is everything going? It was great to get all your emails. They for sure made my day. So everything is pretty much the same here. We have a "family" or a group of friends, I guess I should say, that all live together and they seem really interested in the church. There are two couples and two friends, so six in total. The two couples aren't married and they said that they don't want to be. They told us that they are living in "amor libre" or free love. That is one of the big problems in the spanish assignment. There are a lot of people who we have to get married before we can baptize them. Anyway, we have quite a few investigators, and they all like the gospel and what we teach, but the problem we are having right now is getting them to want to change or do something that they are not comfortable with.
My spanish is getting better, just last night we had two dinner appointments so we had to split up. My two trainers went to one and Elder Ford and I went to the other. Elder Ford kind of has a hard time with spanish, so he didn't say a word all night. I talk a ton and they gave me some advice on mexico and we just talked about all sorts of things. It was a lot of fun. And just the other night I talked to this guy who is from Mexico City and he talks so fast. It was pretty hard to understand everything, but I got most of it. I hope I can talk like him when I get out there.
Anyway... everything is going pretty good. I wish I had more to write, but I wouldn't know where to start. You are all just going to have to wait until I can read my journal to you. I am writing in spanish now so that is the only way you are going to get to know what happened. Life is good though. Please keep praying for my visa! My address here is:
8060s 615e
sandy utah 84070
Mom, that is so awesome about matthew. I wish I could have seen it. It sounds like life is going pretty good. I am so glad that it is. So I have no idea when my visa is going to come. We just got 20 more "visa waiters" in the mission a couple days ago. I really hope it comes soon. I love you so much and thank you for the email.
Dad, Hailey said that you and mom went to a chicago concert. How was it? So are you coaching matthew? it sounds like it was a pretty fun weekend. I love being out here, but at the same time I really want to get to mexico. Thank you for the prays and please keep praying. I love you
Matthew! Dude! That is crazy that you won the Lion's tournament. I never won that when I was a kid. Mom and Dad said you are doing way good. I hope you get to go to state. You better keep working hard at baseball and football so we can play when I get home. you are never going to be able to beat me, so keep dreaming sucker!! :) ha ha how is summer going? Are you working anywhere? I love you

Monday, June 21, 2010

First week in Salt Lake City South Mission

Hey everyone, I don't have a lot of time, but I will try to fill you in. I am in a four person companionship with Elder Flores, Nelson, and Ford. It is a lot different than the MTC. I love being able to talk to real people and use my spanish. Elder Nelson goes home in like 24 days, so he is more trunky than ever. It is hard sometimes because he never wants to work much. But other than that everything is pretty good. I am dying to get to Mexico so please pray for my visa.
We had five investigators at church yesterday and I wouldn't be surprised if we have a couple baptisms within the next three weeks. I with I could explain everything, but the area and the people are all new to me so I can't really tell you. I will write more as I learn more. Right now I am in the Riverton/Heramen area. It is huge, but a lot of fun. Spanish is coming pretty good and I love using it. I can understand almost everything but I still can't speak real fast.
Dad, how are you going? I am glad to hear that everything is going good back at home. It is kind of weird being this close. I love you and I will write more next week.
Mom, I hope you are doing amazing. It sounds like summer is as busy as ever. I love you
Everyone else, I don't have much time, but I hope you are all doing great. I still don't know exactly what my address is here, but I am sure you can find it online somewhere. It is just the mission office for the salt lake city south mission. I will write more next week I promise. I love you all and I hope you are all doing amazing. Pray for my visa!!! I love you :)

Elder Ricks

***Taylor's new P-day is Monday while he's serving in the Salt Lake City South Mission.**

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 12

Hey everyone! How is everything going? So I called like fifteen times yesterday and didn't get anything. I am glad Shayla finally picked up. Anyway...... Salt Lake City South it is. I leave Tuesday morning at 8:30.. I am so glad to finally be getting out in the field.. I still really want to go to Mexico, but Salt Lake will be great.. Elder Jessup left for Ogden this morning and Elders Griffiths and Smith are still going to wait here. Elder Robert D Hales came and talked to us this last tuesday and it was great.. That is the fifth apostle we have heard here I think.. It is great.. Everything is going great.. Same old same old which is a good thing.. Spanish is coming along great.. Mom, thank you for the package.. I really needed it.. How is your class going? I hope you have fun with Nia in Ceder.. Make sure she looks good and hard for a job because they are hard to find down there.. Thank you for the letter.. I love you.. Dad, How are you doing? That is awesome about your work.. Let me know how it goes.. Everything is going great here.. I will make sure to call as soon as they let me which should be when I get my visa.. They said I could be there for four days and I could be there for two months.. They have no idea.. I love you.. Hailey, how are you going? I sent some pictures for you.. they should be there soon.. I tried to call you yesterday.. I am sad you didn't answer.. ha ha I will call you for sure when I leave for Mexico.. I love you.. Nia, how are you doing.. I am excited for you to have your little orientation.. You are going to love it.. I hope you can find a job.. Thanks for the letter.. I will try to write you next week okay? I love you.. Shayla!! It was so good to talk to you on the phone.. You already sound so different.. I am excited for your tennis.. Good luck.. I love you.. Matthew, Hey little brother.. It was good to talk to you on the phone.. sorry I could only talk for like one minute.. You sound so big.. Are you going to be able to beat me up? I don't think so.. How is your summer going? I love you.. Sorry about this email, the computer I am using is kind of messed up.. I hope you can understand all of my scattered thoughts.. And I am sorry about my spelling and grammer.. haha spanish is messing with my english.. I sent some pictures, so they should be there soon.. I hope you like them.. I have no idea what my address is for Salt Lake, but I will let you know on my next p-day.. And since I am not going to be in the MTC anymore, you can email me on this from know on if you want.. I have a scripture for all of you.. I know that every once in a while you are going to have some hard times and things won't make sense, but if you remember this scripture it will help so much.. 1 nephi 11:17.. If we can remember that God loves you, everything else will just fall into place.. As long as we share His love and act like we are His children, nothing will be too hard.. Life is good right? I love It and I love all of you.. I will write again soon and call as soon as I can.. I love you.. And dad, did you ever get a new debit card from zions for me? we ordered it before I can in remember? anyway.... if you have it send it out, but not til I give you my new address.. okay? I love you

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hey, how are all of you doing? So Elder D Todd Christofferson came and talk to us this Tuedays. It was pretty amazing! He talked about a lot of stuff, but one things he said that I really liked was when he said, "It is easier for the Spirit to guide your steps if you are talking steps." Sometimes we just need to pray and start doing. If you just wait for the Spirit to tell you what to do before even trying, it is never going to work. Well, as you can see I still don't have my visa. There are a ton of missionaries that are going to Mexico that are still waiting. My whole district, except for one elder are still here. It isn't bad though. It is good to have some more time to study and be better prepared for the field.

That is so cool that Anson got home. I am a little scared to have to try to adjust back to normal life after this, but lucky for me I dan't have to worry about that for awhile. You should for sure tell Anson to write me. Maybe he is reading this write now. What's up Anson! How are you doing. Write me sometime.

Everything is going great here! Elder Jessup and I made a goal to never speak english. So, for the past two days I have spoken any. It is pretty hard sometimes, but I know it is good for us. I am starting to forget a lot of english words and I can't write in english without spelling a word of two wrong. I still have a ton to learn. Anyway...

Mom, How is your spanish class going? I expect to talk to you all in spanish when I call from the airport, so you better be ready. You probably already know more than me anyway. My watch is doing fine now, so don't worry about sending another one. I think it just needed a few days to warm up. I hope you are doing great. It sounds like you are. I love you!

Dad, How are you doing? So I hoping to be able to leave within the next two weeks, but I don't know. Two elders in our zone have been here for thirteen weeks now and they still don't have their visas. They are going to Mexico too. I hope for the best, but whatever happens is okay with me. I am just happy to be out here. I love you so much

Hailey, le he escrito una carta. Casi toda es en espanol. Yo espero que usted pueda entenderlo. Te amo

Nia, mom said you have a busy day today. Are you pumped to be done with school? Don't stay out too late tomorrow night! Tell everyone I day hi. Hope you are doing amazing. I love you

Shayla! What's up girl? How is the last week of school going? you better not be sluffing any classes. ha ha jk you should sluff a lot this week. Don't tell mom and dad I said that. I love you

Matthew! how is the motercycle? Are you still making enough money to pay it off. You better let me ride it when I get home. I love you hermano!!

I love you all! I hope you are all doing amazing. Christ lives!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 9

Hey everyone! How are you doing? So like always not much has happened this week. I still don't have my visa, but we are all hoping for this week. Everything is going great. Sorry I didn't call monday. They gave us a call pass friday so I thought I would just use it. I should be able to call again once I get my visa though, so I will try to let you know. So we got new companions again because Elder Hauret left for Mexico, so now I am with Elder Jessup. It is great. We get along really well and we teach even better. We both have spanish down good so teaching is a lot of fun. hmm... well... I wish I had more to tell you. Oh ya, I got pretty sick just a couple days ago. It only lasted for like a day and a half so it wasn't that bad. I had a fever of 102.1 though. But the next morning it was gone. I still have a cough and I lost my voice, but I feel great now.

I am send you another letter for Cody. That last address you gave me didn't work. If you could get it to him and send me his address that would be great!

Thanks for the bag mom. That will work just fine. I just needed somthing to travel with so that is perfect. And about the watch, I love it, but I think the battery is bad. It stops like every couple hours and when it doesn't stop, it loses about two minutes every hour. I am going to send it home in a little bit with me ball shoes and other stuff I don't need, but if you could pick up another one that would be great. Sorry. I guess I just have bad luck with watches. How is your class going? next time I call I want to talk to you in spanish so you better be ready! I love you

Dad, I started Jesus The Christ this last week and it is for sure my new favorite book. I am only on like page 120, but it is great. Lo habia leido si? You have read it right? Anyway... I can't wait to talk to you here in the next couple weeks. I love you

Hailey!! How are you doing? There is a letter on it's way for you! I love you

Nia! I threw it on the ground!! ha ha I just thought about that the other day. When is your graduation? like this weekend? Wow, I am excited for you. Are you getting pumped for SUU? I love you

Shayla! Hey Girl!! There is a letter on it's way for you. I love you

Matthew!!!!! I miss you little bro. How is everything going? Are you still playing baseball or is your season over already? Have you started reading the Book of Mormon? You should start! I want to share some cool scriptures with you!

I love you

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 8

Hey everyone!

So guess what... Jeffery R Holland came and talked to us this last Tuesday. It was great. He pretty much just yelled at us kind of like he did in conference this last time, but it was good. I think a lot of elders here need a good chastisment. I wish I could tell you everything he said, but It would take me too long. Anyway... everything is great. Spanish is coming along great. It is about to the point where I don't have to worry about it when I teach. I used to be so nervous about my spanish and now I can finally focus on teaching. It is great. I still have a ton to learn though. Since week two, our teachers haven't spoke one word of english to us. It was hard at first, but know it is so easy. It is like I always knew spanish. We hold whole conversations and we can talk about pretty much anything we want. just the other day one of my teachers started talking to me and before I even realized it we were having this ten minute conversation. It is great. I am already forgetting some english words.

Well, our VISAs are still not here. The lady who is in charge of all this at the Mexican consolate went on vacation for two weeks starting this last monday so ya... it might be a couple weeks or so. I am a little bummed, but I know it is for a reason. I don't know what reason that might be, but I know it is there. I guess it gives me a chance to learn a little more so I can teach better. Elder Griffiths is fine. It has been a week and two days and he is already jogging.

Elder Hauret was the only one to get his VISA, so he is leaving monday. That means there might be some more changes in our companionships.

I am so grateful for this priviledge I have to serve a mission. I have already learned more in eight weeks then I have my whole life about this Gospel. My favorite part of the day is for sure teaching. I love it and I learn something knew everytime. Just yesterday we taught this teacher and he said we did perfect and that is unusual to hear at the MTC. It is almost impossible to teach a good lesson because it is their job to correct you. Anyway, he said we did perfect and that our spanish we better the intermediate level missionaries.

Matthew! You got kicked out of school? ha ha that is so funny! Bad... but funny. You better let me ride your bike when I get home. Nice homerun. I love you bro!

Mom!! I forgot to wish you happy mother's day last week. :( I am sorry. You know that I love you so much and If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here. Thank you so much for everything you did and do for me. You mean everything to me. I love you.

Nia! how are you doing? Are you pumped to graduate? How many more days do you have? Life is officially about to start for you. Remember God and Jesus and you have nothing to worry about. Life is great isn't it? I love you and miss you.

Shayla! How did you do in region? I am so excited for you and summer tennis. You are going to be amazing when I get back. You already are. I love you

Dad! How is life? How is work? what's the word on that deal? Thank you for everything. I love you

Hailey! All I have to say is I love you. I will write you next week I promise!!!!

I will probably get to call monday because they let us call if our flight plans change so ya.... they changed so I should be calling sometime next week. I love you all. I hope you know that. Jesus Christ Lives!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week Seven

Hey everyone! How is life going? Everything here is going great. I am so ready to leave. I think I tell you that every week, but oh well. So guess what... I forget to tell you last week, but L. Tom Perry talked to us last tuesday. It was amazing. He didn't say anything I didn't already know or unveil some amazing doctrine or quote, but that is why I liked it. That is kind of how he has always been and it shows, like it says countless times in the scriptures, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple or "plain". It is not God's intent to confuse people. This Gospel is for everyone and everyone needs to understand it.
Anyway... I got my flight plans. we fly from here to ATL Georgia to Mexico city on tuesday the 17th. I will let you know the exact times and when you can expect a call next week. I still don't have my VISA, but I am pretty sure I will get it this week. I will let you know for sure next week though.
I have seen Kenny, Ryan, and Jared. We are planning on getting a picture together this sunday, so I will for sure send you it. It is so crazy that we are all here the same time. Ryan takes of to San Deigo this Tuesday I think. He is so lucky!!!
Hailey! How are you doing? Thanks for the email. It sounds like you are pretty busy with work, but I am sure that is a good thing right? Tell Kraig I say hi and that he is taking my spot at Redfish this year. Aunt Lisa wrote me and asked if he was easy to make laugh and I told her ya. He is going to love aunt Lisa!! I love you
Nia, What is going on girl? Who are the new SBO's? Did you get my letter? I can't wait for you to start college and tell me all about it. You better keep me informed!! I hope you are going great. Always remember you can talk to me about anything. And more important, you can talk to God and Jesus!! Isn't it great to know that he will listen and love you know matter what? I love you
Shayla! You are probably at region right know, but GOOD LUCK! I know you will do great. You better let me know how you do and everything about tennis. And I have not gained twenty pounds. Only like 15. I am 190 now! Don't make fun :) I love you
Matthew! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Dad said you got a motercycle. That is so awesome. Great job at your game! Dad told me all about it. I can't wait to see you play when I get home. Are you ready for summer? You get the priesthood this sunday right? You are so lucky! I am proud of you. I love you.
Mom, that is so great that you are working with the Hispanics. hopefully you will be able to talk to me in spanish when I get home! So I do need a couple things. I can't bring a backpack with two straps to Mexico. Do you think you could send me a good bag that I can use that only has one strap? and... my watch broke. If you could send those things that would be great. I love you so much.
I love you all!!!!! I can't wait to talk to you in a couple weeks. I love you. The Gospel is true!
Elder Ricks

Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Letter!

Hey everyone! How is life going? Well, this last week was pretty good except for one thing. My companion messed up his knee playing basketball so I spent this morning in the hospital in Provo while he got an MRI. But other than that everthing is great. I am so ready to leave. I am pretty sure I am going to be here for at least a week longer than normal, so don't expect a call on the 17th. I am hoping for the best though. So... I am up to 190 lbs now! I am not fat at all, but I am gaining weight. I don't mind though. We talked to a teacher who served in Mexico and he said to gain as much weight as you can here in the MTC.

So I heard there are some crazy things going on in Mexico. We talk to this other teacher who has a brother living in mexico city and he says it is pretty crazy! I guess that should make me nervous, but it actually just makes me want to go even more. I am so pumped, and not scared at all. I just hope my VISA comes. This district in my zone have already been here for a week longer than normal and half of them got their VISA today and the rest are still waiting.

Mom, how did your talk go? I hope my random thoughts helped. How is everything going? Nia told me that some girl is living in my room this summer!!!! Que es eso? ha ha just kidding. You might need to clean in before she comes, but don't go looking though all my stuff :) I love you

Dad, you better send me some pictures of matthew playing ball. I can't find that family picture you sent with me, so could you guys send me another one? Anyway... that is cool about your work. I hope it all goes down smooth. I love you

Hailey, I didn't have time to write you a letter this week, but I will try next week. How is life? so you are done with spanish huh? well, you can practice on me anytime you want. Hope you are doing great! I love you

Nia, I wrote you a letter so it should be there in a couple days! Don't forget my lyrics!!! lol You are amazing. How did the prank go on Kara? ha ha you guys are so mean. Tell shelby and amy I say hi! I love you
Shayla! Smile for me right now. I am serious. If you are not smiling you can't read the rest of this email :) What is your email address? When I try to send to your email it doesn't work. How is track going? Are you guys almost done? Are you pumped for tennis? I can't wait to watch you take state when I get home. I hope life is good. I love you

Matthew, what is up brother? Dad said you are looking good at baseball. You better tell me how it goes. What is your email? I can't remember it and I want to write you. Are you pumped for school to be done? I bet you are! You ready for the priesthood? you are going to love it man. You better be holding down the fort at home. I love you

Grandma!!!!!! How are you doing? I miss all your cookies and great food. The MTC food is kind of getting boring. I hope you are doing good! I miss you a lot.

I love you I love you all!!!!!! adios

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey everyone! How is life going? Everything is still the same here, but that is not a bad thing. I think I already told you, but I was put in as district leader two weeks ago, so that has been a good experiance so far. I am so ready to leave for Mexico. There is only so much you can learn from a classroom. Anyway... I thought I should tell you that I can't call on mother's day in the MTC, so don't be expecting a call. Sorry. I am scheduled to fly out on the seventeenth of may, but I don't know what time. We should get our flight plans within the next couple weeks. But... this all depends on my visa. I will be lucky if I get to leave the seventeenth. I will keep you posted. And, I can call from the airport, so that should be great!!
Mom, you have to speak huh? Sacrifice? hmm... Like you said, any sacrafice made for God is always out-weighed by the blessings. I think the key for sacrafice is faith. The more faith we have the less of a sacrifice it is. And, if you think about it, this Gospel is all based on sacrifices. Jesus Christ is the center of everything and his purpose in life was to sacrifice himself for us. In the temple we covenant to sacrifice everything we have for the Lord, both physical and spiritual. in Alma 22:18 King Lamoni's father tells Ammon that he is willing to give up all his sins to know God. Are we? Thank you so much for the package! You read my mind. I love you
Dad, well I am running out of time, but I will try to answer those questions the best I can. It is hard to narrow it down to one experience. Like I told you before, I never had some crazy vision or dream of anything like that, but all the little things in my life that have pointed me to believe in Christ out do any dream or vision I could hope for. Like Alma and Nephi said, by little things are great things brought to pass. The thing I would like to say to all the young men is know who you are, and if needs be, change who you are. You can't change your life unless you change your actions, you can't change your actions unless you change your attitude, you can't change your attitude unless you change your beliefs and values, and you can't change your beliefs and values unless you change your identity. Your identity is everything. Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ? Go home and ask yourself, "Who am I?" And then ask yourself that same question every day for the rest of your life. Anyway... I love you dad. Hope that is what you wanted.
I am running out of time, so Nia, Shayla, and Matthew, how are you guys? I love you guys so much. I hope you are being good examples to everyone. Nia, I have a request for you... will you send me some song lyrics. like ten good songs. like brad paisley, neyo, and whatever else is good. I trust you. just make sure they are good and won't drive away the spirit. I love you all!! Keep writing. I love getting your letters!!!
I love you!
Elder Ricks

Friday, April 16, 2010

can you believe that it's already been 4 weeks?

Alright, well, I wish I had a crazy cool story to tell all of you, but I have something better. This Gospel is amazing. I don't know what I did in the pre-mortal life to deserve to serve a mission, but it must have been pretty good. I know I haven't done anything in this life to deserve such a blessing, so it must have been before this life. I have never felt so good as I have the last couple days. My district have had some pretty amazing discussions and talks. I have come to realize this Gospel is all about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Everything that we teach has to do with Christ. I love it!

Anyway... everything is going great. I don't know if I have told you yet, but I love learning something new every day. I wish you could all feel what I have felt while I have been here. I can't wait to tell you all about it when I get home.

Dad, I wish I could have hear your talk. I bet it was great. I found a scripture about the Bood of Mormon in 1 Nephi 14:7 that tells us what the purpose of it is, and what do you know, it is to convice people that the Lamb of God lives. I love you and I hope everythig is going good.

Mom, thank you so much for the package! I love the tie clip, and I was just about out of food too. You can never have too much snacks here so don't be afraid to keep sending. I love you. Thank you for everything.

Hailey, I hope you liked the pictures. Sorry that my letter was kind of short. I wish I had more time to write, but I don't. Can't wait to hear from you. I love you.

Nia, another Elder is writing you so expect another letter. ha ha this Elder is pretty awesome too. He went to EFY with Haley and Erika Ence back in the day. Pretty funny huh? Anyway... I hope you are doing great. How is track going? You ready to graduate? I love you

Shayla, that is so awesome that you got first in the 100m. Of course I believe you. You would have to be fast from running away from Matthew all the time. I wish I could have seen it. Maybe when I get home I can watch you take state. In track and tennis. I hope you're doing amazing. I love you

Matthew!!!! What is up brother? Are you pumped to get the priesthood? Do you remember what it is? I hope you know how important it is. You have more power than the President of the United States!!! More power that Payton Manning and Reggie Bush combined. They only wish they could have what you are about to get. I am so glad that I have it and Dad is so glad too. I hope you are being nice to all your friends and to Mom and Dad and to Nia and Shayla. Girls are the best gift that God gave to boys. I love you!

I love you all. I hope everything is going great. Never stop being an example. I love you.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 3

Hello my family, how has the week been? I hope everything is going good! I am sure it is. Everything is still going great here. Just like I said last week, every day is about the same. I love the MTC, but I can't wait to leave. It feels like I have been here for about two years already.

That is so good to hear that about Kasumi and her family. It sounds like you had a good time. I wish I could have seen it myself, but I am glad I am here. I can't wait to get to mexico and start teaching. I have learned so much about the Gospel that I never even knew about. Just this morning I spent an hour and a half on just one chapter. If you are looking for something amazing to study, go check out Mormon 9.

In out tuesday night devotional, L Lionel Kendrick from the seventy spoke to us and it was probably the best talk I have ever heard. He was so funny but yet profound. He told all the missionaries that the harder you work the more beautiful your wife will be!! And then he said that that is a true priciple. I hope so. He shared some great things and I wish I could tell you all about them, but I don't have time. Re mind me when I get home and I will get my notes out and tell you what he said. That is probably going to be the case with a lot of things. I wish I could tell you everything, and I will try, but you might just have to wait until I get home to hear most of it.

I love you! I love all of you. I will try to send some pictures next week okay? Have a great week and be happy for me.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Week 2

Hey everyone! So everything is pretty much the same every day. I am not saying that is a bad thing, I am just saying that there isn't much to write about. Everything is going great. Spanish is coming along pretty good and so is the Gospel. The one thing I wish I would have done before coming to the MTC, is learn more about the Gospel. I thought I knew a lot, but I had no idea. There is so much more to learn.

Every day is about the same here. Sometimes it feels like I have been here for a year and other times I can't believe that it has already been two weeks. I wish I could expain. I am sure Dad knows what I am talking about, so if you really want to know why my thoughts don't make sense, Dad can probably explain it a little better. Elder Smith and I are starting to get down some techniques and finally figuring out the best way to teach. At the MTC they have progressive investigators for us to teach. They are just members acting, but they are good actors. They never change or talk to you how you did or anything. If you didn't know they were members already, there is no way you would. Elder Smith and I have been teaching one of these "investigators" named Jose Luis Garcia, and we are committing him to baptism on monday. It is exciting even though he is just acting.

Thank you for the packages!!!! They made my day. But.... there is one thing I still need. So, I am going crazy without music here. I am always whistling and singing during class. If it isn't too much trouble, could you send me a harmonica? I know that is kind of weird, but I need some kind of music.

I love all of you so much! I am sorry I don't write much. I will try to write more. Have a great week and I will talk to you next thursday.

Elder Ricks

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taylor's First Email Home!!

Hey everyone, I only have thirty minutes, so I will try to hurry.

The MTC is crazy! All we do is study, eat, study, eat, teach,eat, study, sleep. And then start all over again the next morning. I know it sounds like it would suck, but I love it. I have learned so much already and I can't wait to learn more. The first two days or so were kind of a surprise. Not that I didn't expect them to be, I am just saying that expecting didn't make a difference. After the first two days everything started getting easier and faster. It has only been one week and I am already lossing track of the days. All the Elders that have been here for a while put it in a good way. They say the days are long but the weeks fly by. Even though I am just starting week two, I already understand what they mean.

My president is amazing and he loves the Book of Mormon. He told us all to send our Bibles home. He wasn't being serious, but some of the new elders thought he was at first. He calls the BOM our Michael Jordan. He said if Michael Jordan was on your team you would get him in the game as soon as you can and we need to do the same with the Book of Mormon.

Spanish is coming good, but I feel like I never have enough time to study as much as I want. I have already learned twice as much in one week than I did in two years with Butler. One of these weeks I will write you in spanish.

Every day we learn more and more here. Elder Smith and I are working hard, but it still feels like we never have enough time. Before I got here I thought I would never be able to study for and hour by myself everyday, but now I find myself rushing the last ten minutes because I lose track of time and I still have so much more to read. I love studying the scriptures and it feels so good when I find that perfect verse of perfect chapter. I never want to stop reading. If it was up to me I would personal study all day. Meals are just a waste of time.

I love you all!


So we found out last week that Taylor's P-day is Thursday. Which is today! So hopefully he'll get to it and write us an email so I can share how he's doing with everyone.

Also, if you're writing him, he'll be able to write back on Thursdays so expect a letter on Saturday or Monday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010