Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey!!!! How are you all doing? So tomorrow Elder Oaks, Elder Rasband, and Elder Johnson are coming to the mission. I am way excited. The spirit is going to be so strong. Maybe they will let me translate for Elder Oaks. ha ha I don't think so. I will let you know how it goes.

Things are going great here. We found 21 new investgators this week and 12 of them come to church. We are going to be seeing a whole lot of baptisms. I am so pumped. They are all such amazing people. While we were in sacrament meeting this random guy came into the church so we ran out to meet him. He told us that he has always passed by this church and never entered. He told us that he doesn't have a religion. we invited him in to sacrament meeting and when we started to sing he broke down in tears. He told us that he is passing through a hard time in life and he needs God's help. It is amazing to see how God works. We are going to be passing by with him this week. I know he is going to get baptized really soon.

I miss you all and you are always in my thoughts. I know this church is true and that Christ lives. Nothing can make me deny it. Anybody that is in touch with the spirit can know that this is the true church of Christ. I love you all so much. Talk to you next week.

Elder Ricks

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey, it was great to talk to you all yesterday. It is really hard for me to speak english. So... it made me happy to hear all the cool things you are doing. It is so crazy how fast the time is going. I am going to be home before you know it.

So... about the mission. Things are going great. The area presidency is now asking us to baptize every week. We were on a three week roll, but we couldn't baptize this week. We are going to be working hard to be baptizing every week. I know we can do it.

with the mission moving around, the mission home and the offices are now going to be moving into our zone. President asked us to look for a few houses for some missionaries and the secretaries and the offices. We have a lot of work right now. It is cool that President is going to be living in our zone, maybe even in our ward. I am excited to see what happens with all these changes.

I miss you all and I loved hearing your voices yesterday. Just think, we are only going to be able to talk one more time and I will almost be home. It is going too fast. I want you all to know that this is the true church of Christ. It is so obvious, and the Spirit has told me. I know Jesus lives!!!!! I love you all!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

How are you all doing? I am sorry I couldn't write last week. We had no time. We had to go marry a family so the husband could get baptized. This last week we baptized three amazing people, and the week before we baptized one. Their names are Erika and her little eight year old daughter, a lady named Rosario, and the kid who got married, Carlos. They are all so amazing.
This new area is great. It is about five times bigger than my last one, but I love it. We do a lot of running between appointments. We have been working really hard these past two week and we are already seeing the fruits. Elder Rodriguez is great. He is from Chiuahua. He has the same time as me in the mission. We get along great.
So I am excited to talk to you all on sunday. Are you ready for the call information? haha The number is (0155)56198955. Please call on Sunday the 8th of May at 2:30pm. That is 2:30pm in mexico city time. I am pretty sure we are an hour ahead of you so it would be 1:30pm there. But please check. You still might be in church, but that is the only hour I can do it. Sorry. Sunday nights are filled with meetings and reporting. haha If someone answers in spanish just say my name, Elder Ricks. Cool?
I love you all. if anything changes, I will let you know during the week. love you. Christ lives!!!
Elder Ricks