Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey, it was great to talk to you all yesterday. It is really hard for me to speak english. So... it made me happy to hear all the cool things you are doing. It is so crazy how fast the time is going. I am going to be home before you know it.

So... about the mission. Things are going great. The area presidency is now asking us to baptize every week. We were on a three week roll, but we couldn't baptize this week. We are going to be working hard to be baptizing every week. I know we can do it.

with the mission moving around, the mission home and the offices are now going to be moving into our zone. President asked us to look for a few houses for some missionaries and the secretaries and the offices. We have a lot of work right now. It is cool that President is going to be living in our zone, maybe even in our ward. I am excited to see what happens with all these changes.

I miss you all and I loved hearing your voices yesterday. Just think, we are only going to be able to talk one more time and I will almost be home. It is going too fast. I want you all to know that this is the true church of Christ. It is so obvious, and the Spirit has told me. I know Jesus lives!!!!! I love you all!!!!

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