Monday, August 23, 2010

Well, things are going great here. Remember that kid I told you about in my last email? well, we went back to visit them tuesday and the first question he asked me was "what do I need to do to get baptized?" It was pretty surprising, but he said that he wanted to get baptized the next day, but we are going to baptize him with the rest of his family in a couple of weeks. I am way excited for him and for his whole family. Anyway... I wanted to share that little story with you guys.

So how is everything going? oh ya... my nieghbor is member and her and her daughter want to see pictures of utah and of the mountains by our house and pictures of snow. so... If you could, please sent me some pictures of our mountains and of redfish and of us in the snow. haha thank you. It was so funny, last night we were talking to them and they couldn´t believe that we can sleep outside without getting robbed and that we actually go camping. They thought that was something that is only in the movies. They asked what it feels like when it snows and what the mountains look like with all the snow. It was a lot of fun expaining everything to them. They want to visit utah during general conference so I told them that they could come stay at our house when I finish my mission.

So summer is finally over!! how crazy is that? That went by pretty fast. I hope it was fun and you guys got a lot of stuff done. I hope you guys are all doing great. I wish I could explain everything that is happening here, but this why it will be more fun when I come home and get to tell you everything. I love you all!!!

***Taylor also sent me a bunch of pictures that I'll put up later when I'm not at work. Get excited!!!***

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