Monday, August 16, 2010

Five Months!

^^This is Alejandra. She got baptized the 24th of July^^
^^This is Itzel. She got baptized the 31st of July.^^
^^This is the familia de Itzel. They are the cutest kids ever.^^
Hey family!!
So I don´t know where to start. This week was a pretty good one. Yesterday we had two more baptisms. It was great. I will send a picture. I have never seen them more happy. Just the other day we were teaching a sister and her three kids. Her son is 13 years old and during our lesson he told us that he doesn´t believe in God and that he thinks we are just alone on this earth. He also told us that he believes a little bit in La Santa Muerte. If you don´t know what that is, go look it up. It is pretty spooky. anyway... I told him the reason I came on a mission and why I believe in God (if you don´t know my reasons maybe I will tell you someday). By the end he was crying and the spirit was amazing. This was last wednesday. The next day he came to the activities at the church with his mom and Sunday he came to church and this morning he came with us to play futbol (soccer) with all the other elders. He is doing great. His mom too. We still need to work a little bit with his sisters, but I know that they are going to get baptized. I am way excited for them.
Elder Heredia is great. His old companion told me that i need to keep an eye on him because he does some random thing sometimes, but so far it hasn´t been too bad. He doesn´t talk a lot like Elder Carreon, so I am forced to talk and I am so grateful for that. Spanish is coming a lot faster. I can´t wait til I don´t need any help at all.
I sent some pictures last week, but I don´t think you guys got them all so I am going to try again. I love you so much.

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