Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey everyone. So..... how was redfish? I hope it was great. I am sure it was. Well, this last week was pretty great. We had another baptism this last saturday and we have five more this next sunday, and four more for this month. I am pretty excited. This last baptism was a little nine year old girl. The water was freezing cold because the bishop forgot to buy gas. I felt so bad for her. It took har about five minutes to finally get down in the water. I had to talk her in to it and tell her it was giong to be fast and after she could get all warm. She was like wrapped around my arm. It was pretty fun. She did so good though. I wish I could send you a picture this week, but I am kind of in a crappy internet cafe. ha ha The fact that they have internet is pretty good though. I will send some pictures next week. Everything is great here. It is pretty fun being a tall white guy here. Everyone is always staring at me and the teenagers and young adults usually have something to say that I can´t write you. ha ha it is pretty fun though. I am fore sure one of the tallest in the city. The food is amazing too. I don´t know if I already told you that, but I love it. Anyway... I hope you are all doing amazing and I promise I will send some pictures next week. Sorry again for the short letter. I love you all!!! Chist lives!!

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