Monday, November 15, 2010

Hey my great family. How are you all doing? I hope just amazing. Every sunday all the zone leaders go to the offices of the mission to report, and sometimes we don´t get done til late. That is why I am writing so early. I thought I would send a quick shout out while I was here with all the computers.
So how is life going? Everything is amazing here. We had another baptism yesterday and it was great. Her name was Crescencia. She is about 68 years old. Her parents got baptized when whe was in her mid 20´s, but she just never say that much importance in being baptized, but we helped her understand and she was so happy to finally do it. Her daughter wants to get baptized too and I think it should happen within a couple weeks.
Elder Johnson from the seventy came and talk to the whole mission this last week. He also had a privite meeting with the zone leaders of the mission. He is an amazing guy and for sure called of God. He talked to us about finding, teaching, and baptizing the chosen people. He also that we shouldn´t waste time trying to prepare the people who aren´t ready yet. That is not our responsibilty. We have to find the people that are already ready. DyC 29:7 It has made a huge difference just in this last week. He told us that there is no excuse for a missionary to not baptize every week. I am so excited to keep working like this. We are finding some great people that have been waiting to find this gospel. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares His children.
I miss you all and I thank you for everything you have done and still do for me. We are so blessed. I love you all so much

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