Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey everyone. Well... it was a great week. There isn´t too much to say. We had a four day leadership conference and we are going to changing a lot of things in the mission. I am excited. Right now we are teaching some great people so we should see some baptisms real soon.

That is awesome about the BYU Utah game. It is crazy how fast sports news gets around the mission. For example... I knew every detail of the game by sunday morning. It sounds like it was pretty intense.

Tell Anson I say felicidades. I hope everything went great. I am sure it did. So there isn´t a cumputer place near by that has a way to pass pictures, so that is why you haven´t got any for a while. I will send some as soon as I can. I am sorry that I don´t write much. I love you all

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