Monday, July 5, 2010

He finally got his Visa!!!

Hey everyone! I got some good news. I went and signed for my visa last wednesday and I should be leaving sometime this week. I am so ready to leave and get to mexico. I don't know exactly what day, but I can't wait to call. I hope you guys are home when I call. I guess we will see.
I hope everything is going great. I am sorry that i never really have much time to write, but that is just how it is. These are my two addresses. The first one is for just letters and the second is for packages and things like that.
Mexico City South Mission
po box 30150
Salt Lake City Utah 84130
Av. Del Taller No. 540
Col. Jardin Balbuena
Del. Venustiano Carranza
Mexico, D.F., Mexico
C.P. 15900
I have to go. sorry so short. I will call you from the airport when I leave. I love you all. Have a great wee

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