Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Letter!

Hey everyone! How is life going? Well, this last week was pretty good except for one thing. My companion messed up his knee playing basketball so I spent this morning in the hospital in Provo while he got an MRI. But other than that everthing is great. I am so ready to leave. I am pretty sure I am going to be here for at least a week longer than normal, so don't expect a call on the 17th. I am hoping for the best though. So... I am up to 190 lbs now! I am not fat at all, but I am gaining weight. I don't mind though. We talked to a teacher who served in Mexico and he said to gain as much weight as you can here in the MTC.

So I heard there are some crazy things going on in Mexico. We talk to this other teacher who has a brother living in mexico city and he says it is pretty crazy! I guess that should make me nervous, but it actually just makes me want to go even more. I am so pumped, and not scared at all. I just hope my VISA comes. This district in my zone have already been here for a week longer than normal and half of them got their VISA today and the rest are still waiting.

Mom, how did your talk go? I hope my random thoughts helped. How is everything going? Nia told me that some girl is living in my room this summer!!!! Que es eso? ha ha just kidding. You might need to clean in before she comes, but don't go looking though all my stuff :) I love you

Dad, you better send me some pictures of matthew playing ball. I can't find that family picture you sent with me, so could you guys send me another one? Anyway... that is cool about your work. I hope it all goes down smooth. I love you

Hailey, I didn't have time to write you a letter this week, but I will try next week. How is life? so you are done with spanish huh? well, you can practice on me anytime you want. Hope you are doing great! I love you

Nia, I wrote you a letter so it should be there in a couple days! Don't forget my lyrics!!! lol You are amazing. How did the prank go on Kara? ha ha you guys are so mean. Tell shelby and amy I say hi! I love you
Shayla! Smile for me right now. I am serious. If you are not smiling you can't read the rest of this email :) What is your email address? When I try to send to your email it doesn't work. How is track going? Are you guys almost done? Are you pumped for tennis? I can't wait to watch you take state when I get home. I hope life is good. I love you

Matthew, what is up brother? Dad said you are looking good at baseball. You better tell me how it goes. What is your email? I can't remember it and I want to write you. Are you pumped for school to be done? I bet you are! You ready for the priesthood? you are going to love it man. You better be holding down the fort at home. I love you

Grandma!!!!!! How are you doing? I miss all your cookies and great food. The MTC food is kind of getting boring. I hope you are doing good! I miss you a lot.

I love you I love you all!!!!!! adios

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