Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week Seven

Hey everyone! How is life going? Everything here is going great. I am so ready to leave. I think I tell you that every week, but oh well. So guess what... I forget to tell you last week, but L. Tom Perry talked to us last tuesday. It was amazing. He didn't say anything I didn't already know or unveil some amazing doctrine or quote, but that is why I liked it. That is kind of how he has always been and it shows, like it says countless times in the scriptures, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple or "plain". It is not God's intent to confuse people. This Gospel is for everyone and everyone needs to understand it.
Anyway... I got my flight plans. we fly from here to ATL Georgia to Mexico city on tuesday the 17th. I will let you know the exact times and when you can expect a call next week. I still don't have my VISA, but I am pretty sure I will get it this week. I will let you know for sure next week though.
I have seen Kenny, Ryan, and Jared. We are planning on getting a picture together this sunday, so I will for sure send you it. It is so crazy that we are all here the same time. Ryan takes of to San Deigo this Tuesday I think. He is so lucky!!!
Hailey! How are you doing? Thanks for the email. It sounds like you are pretty busy with work, but I am sure that is a good thing right? Tell Kraig I say hi and that he is taking my spot at Redfish this year. Aunt Lisa wrote me and asked if he was easy to make laugh and I told her ya. He is going to love aunt Lisa!! I love you
Nia, What is going on girl? Who are the new SBO's? Did you get my letter? I can't wait for you to start college and tell me all about it. You better keep me informed!! I hope you are going great. Always remember you can talk to me about anything. And more important, you can talk to God and Jesus!! Isn't it great to know that he will listen and love you know matter what? I love you
Shayla! You are probably at region right know, but GOOD LUCK! I know you will do great. You better let me know how you do and everything about tennis. And I have not gained twenty pounds. Only like 15. I am 190 now! Don't make fun :) I love you
Matthew! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Dad said you got a motercycle. That is so awesome. Great job at your game! Dad told me all about it. I can't wait to see you play when I get home. Are you ready for summer? You get the priesthood this sunday right? You are so lucky! I am proud of you. I love you.
Mom, that is so great that you are working with the Hispanics. hopefully you will be able to talk to me in spanish when I get home! So I do need a couple things. I can't bring a backpack with two straps to Mexico. Do you think you could send me a good bag that I can use that only has one strap? and... my watch broke. If you could send those things that would be great. I love you so much.
I love you all!!!!! I can't wait to talk to you in a couple weeks. I love you. The Gospel is true!
Elder Ricks

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