Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 9

Hey everyone! How are you doing? So like always not much has happened this week. I still don't have my visa, but we are all hoping for this week. Everything is going great. Sorry I didn't call monday. They gave us a call pass friday so I thought I would just use it. I should be able to call again once I get my visa though, so I will try to let you know. So we got new companions again because Elder Hauret left for Mexico, so now I am with Elder Jessup. It is great. We get along really well and we teach even better. We both have spanish down good so teaching is a lot of fun. hmm... well... I wish I had more to tell you. Oh ya, I got pretty sick just a couple days ago. It only lasted for like a day and a half so it wasn't that bad. I had a fever of 102.1 though. But the next morning it was gone. I still have a cough and I lost my voice, but I feel great now.

I am send you another letter for Cody. That last address you gave me didn't work. If you could get it to him and send me his address that would be great!

Thanks for the bag mom. That will work just fine. I just needed somthing to travel with so that is perfect. And about the watch, I love it, but I think the battery is bad. It stops like every couple hours and when it doesn't stop, it loses about two minutes every hour. I am going to send it home in a little bit with me ball shoes and other stuff I don't need, but if you could pick up another one that would be great. Sorry. I guess I just have bad luck with watches. How is your class going? next time I call I want to talk to you in spanish so you better be ready! I love you

Dad, I started Jesus The Christ this last week and it is for sure my new favorite book. I am only on like page 120, but it is great. Lo habia leido si? You have read it right? Anyway... I can't wait to talk to you here in the next couple weeks. I love you

Hailey!! How are you doing? There is a letter on it's way for you! I love you

Nia! I threw it on the ground!! ha ha I just thought about that the other day. When is your graduation? like this weekend? Wow, I am excited for you. Are you getting pumped for SUU? I love you

Shayla! Hey Girl!! There is a letter on it's way for you. I love you

Matthew!!!!! I miss you little bro. How is everything going? Are you still playing baseball or is your season over already? Have you started reading the Book of Mormon? You should start! I want to share some cool scriptures with you!

I love you

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