Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 8

Hey everyone!

So guess what... Jeffery R Holland came and talked to us this last Tuesday. It was great. He pretty much just yelled at us kind of like he did in conference this last time, but it was good. I think a lot of elders here need a good chastisment. I wish I could tell you everything he said, but It would take me too long. Anyway... everything is great. Spanish is coming along great. It is about to the point where I don't have to worry about it when I teach. I used to be so nervous about my spanish and now I can finally focus on teaching. It is great. I still have a ton to learn though. Since week two, our teachers haven't spoke one word of english to us. It was hard at first, but know it is so easy. It is like I always knew spanish. We hold whole conversations and we can talk about pretty much anything we want. just the other day one of my teachers started talking to me and before I even realized it we were having this ten minute conversation. It is great. I am already forgetting some english words.

Well, our VISAs are still not here. The lady who is in charge of all this at the Mexican consolate went on vacation for two weeks starting this last monday so ya... it might be a couple weeks or so. I am a little bummed, but I know it is for a reason. I don't know what reason that might be, but I know it is there. I guess it gives me a chance to learn a little more so I can teach better. Elder Griffiths is fine. It has been a week and two days and he is already jogging.

Elder Hauret was the only one to get his VISA, so he is leaving monday. That means there might be some more changes in our companionships.

I am so grateful for this priviledge I have to serve a mission. I have already learned more in eight weeks then I have my whole life about this Gospel. My favorite part of the day is for sure teaching. I love it and I learn something knew everytime. Just yesterday we taught this teacher and he said we did perfect and that is unusual to hear at the MTC. It is almost impossible to teach a good lesson because it is their job to correct you. Anyway, he said we did perfect and that our spanish we better the intermediate level missionaries.

Matthew! You got kicked out of school? ha ha that is so funny! Bad... but funny. You better let me ride your bike when I get home. Nice homerun. I love you bro!

Mom!! I forgot to wish you happy mother's day last week. :( I am sorry. You know that I love you so much and If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here. Thank you so much for everything you did and do for me. You mean everything to me. I love you.

Nia! how are you doing? Are you pumped to graduate? How many more days do you have? Life is officially about to start for you. Remember God and Jesus and you have nothing to worry about. Life is great isn't it? I love you and miss you.

Shayla! How did you do in region? I am so excited for you and summer tennis. You are going to be amazing when I get back. You already are. I love you

Dad! How is life? How is work? what's the word on that deal? Thank you for everything. I love you

Hailey! All I have to say is I love you. I will write you next week I promise!!!!

I will probably get to call monday because they let us call if our flight plans change so ya.... they changed so I should be calling sometime next week. I love you all. I hope you know that. Jesus Christ Lives!!!

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