Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hey, how are all of you doing? So Elder D Todd Christofferson came and talk to us this Tuedays. It was pretty amazing! He talked about a lot of stuff, but one things he said that I really liked was when he said, "It is easier for the Spirit to guide your steps if you are talking steps." Sometimes we just need to pray and start doing. If you just wait for the Spirit to tell you what to do before even trying, it is never going to work. Well, as you can see I still don't have my visa. There are a ton of missionaries that are going to Mexico that are still waiting. My whole district, except for one elder are still here. It isn't bad though. It is good to have some more time to study and be better prepared for the field.

That is so cool that Anson got home. I am a little scared to have to try to adjust back to normal life after this, but lucky for me I dan't have to worry about that for awhile. You should for sure tell Anson to write me. Maybe he is reading this write now. What's up Anson! How are you doing. Write me sometime.

Everything is going great here! Elder Jessup and I made a goal to never speak english. So, for the past two days I have spoken any. It is pretty hard sometimes, but I know it is good for us. I am starting to forget a lot of english words and I can't write in english without spelling a word of two wrong. I still have a ton to learn. Anyway...

Mom, How is your spanish class going? I expect to talk to you all in spanish when I call from the airport, so you better be ready. You probably already know more than me anyway. My watch is doing fine now, so don't worry about sending another one. I think it just needed a few days to warm up. I hope you are doing great. It sounds like you are. I love you!

Dad, How are you doing? So I hoping to be able to leave within the next two weeks, but I don't know. Two elders in our zone have been here for thirteen weeks now and they still don't have their visas. They are going to Mexico too. I hope for the best, but whatever happens is okay with me. I am just happy to be out here. I love you so much

Hailey, le he escrito una carta. Casi toda es en espanol. Yo espero que usted pueda entenderlo. Te amo

Nia, mom said you have a busy day today. Are you pumped to be done with school? Don't stay out too late tomorrow night! Tell everyone I day hi. Hope you are doing amazing. I love you

Shayla! What's up girl? How is the last week of school going? you better not be sluffing any classes. ha ha jk you should sluff a lot this week. Don't tell mom and dad I said that. I love you

Matthew! how is the motercycle? Are you still making enough money to pay it off. You better let me ride it when I get home. I love you hermano!!

I love you all! I hope you are all doing amazing. Christ lives!!

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