Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 12

Hey everyone! How is everything going? So I called like fifteen times yesterday and didn't get anything. I am glad Shayla finally picked up. Anyway...... Salt Lake City South it is. I leave Tuesday morning at 8:30.. I am so glad to finally be getting out in the field.. I still really want to go to Mexico, but Salt Lake will be great.. Elder Jessup left for Ogden this morning and Elders Griffiths and Smith are still going to wait here. Elder Robert D Hales came and talked to us this last tuesday and it was great.. That is the fifth apostle we have heard here I think.. It is great.. Everything is going great.. Same old same old which is a good thing.. Spanish is coming along great.. Mom, thank you for the package.. I really needed it.. How is your class going? I hope you have fun with Nia in Ceder.. Make sure she looks good and hard for a job because they are hard to find down there.. Thank you for the letter.. I love you.. Dad, How are you doing? That is awesome about your work.. Let me know how it goes.. Everything is going great here.. I will make sure to call as soon as they let me which should be when I get my visa.. They said I could be there for four days and I could be there for two months.. They have no idea.. I love you.. Hailey, how are you going? I sent some pictures for you.. they should be there soon.. I tried to call you yesterday.. I am sad you didn't answer.. ha ha I will call you for sure when I leave for Mexico.. I love you.. Nia, how are you doing.. I am excited for you to have your little orientation.. You are going to love it.. I hope you can find a job.. Thanks for the letter.. I will try to write you next week okay? I love you.. Shayla!! It was so good to talk to you on the phone.. You already sound so different.. I am excited for your tennis.. Good luck.. I love you.. Matthew, Hey little brother.. It was good to talk to you on the phone.. sorry I could only talk for like one minute.. You sound so big.. Are you going to be able to beat me up? I don't think so.. How is your summer going? I love you.. Sorry about this email, the computer I am using is kind of messed up.. I hope you can understand all of my scattered thoughts.. And I am sorry about my spelling and grammer.. haha spanish is messing with my english.. I sent some pictures, so they should be there soon.. I hope you like them.. I have no idea what my address is for Salt Lake, but I will let you know on my next p-day.. And since I am not going to be in the MTC anymore, you can email me on this from know on if you want.. I have a scripture for all of you.. I know that every once in a while you are going to have some hard times and things won't make sense, but if you remember this scripture it will help so much.. 1 nephi 11:17.. If we can remember that God loves you, everything else will just fall into place.. As long as we share His love and act like we are His children, nothing will be too hard.. Life is good right? I love It and I love all of you.. I will write again soon and call as soon as I can.. I love you.. And dad, did you ever get a new debit card from zions for me? we ordered it before I can in remember? anyway.... if you have it send it out, but not til I give you my new address.. okay? I love you

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