Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taylor's First Email Home!!

Hey everyone, I only have thirty minutes, so I will try to hurry.

The MTC is crazy! All we do is study, eat, study, eat, teach,eat, study, sleep. And then start all over again the next morning. I know it sounds like it would suck, but I love it. I have learned so much already and I can't wait to learn more. The first two days or so were kind of a surprise. Not that I didn't expect them to be, I am just saying that expecting didn't make a difference. After the first two days everything started getting easier and faster. It has only been one week and I am already lossing track of the days. All the Elders that have been here for a while put it in a good way. They say the days are long but the weeks fly by. Even though I am just starting week two, I already understand what they mean.

My president is amazing and he loves the Book of Mormon. He told us all to send our Bibles home. He wasn't being serious, but some of the new elders thought he was at first. He calls the BOM our Michael Jordan. He said if Michael Jordan was on your team you would get him in the game as soon as you can and we need to do the same with the Book of Mormon.

Spanish is coming good, but I feel like I never have enough time to study as much as I want. I have already learned twice as much in one week than I did in two years with Butler. One of these weeks I will write you in spanish.

Every day we learn more and more here. Elder Smith and I are working hard, but it still feels like we never have enough time. Before I got here I thought I would never be able to study for and hour by myself everyday, but now I find myself rushing the last ten minutes because I lose track of time and I still have so much more to read. I love studying the scriptures and it feels so good when I find that perfect verse of perfect chapter. I never want to stop reading. If it was up to me I would personal study all day. Meals are just a waste of time.

I love you all!

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