Sunday, January 22, 2012

Email from November 18

This week was a great one. We got to meet the new Elders and give them a training. They are great and they are going to be some amazing missionaries. The americans still haven't arrived so Elder Jessup and I are in a trio with Elder Heredia. Do you remember him? He was my second companion here in Mexico. He and his campanion (an american who hasn't arrived yet) will be working in the other half of our ward. It should be a great experience. It is kind of hard to teach in a trio, but I guess it is a good thing for me to learn.
We have two baptisms this nest saturday and the stories of these two people are amazing. Norma is one of them. We have been teaching her for the past four months. In these four months she has told us mny times that she doesn't want to meet with us anymore. Thanks to many miracle that God has permitted us to see, she is finally going to get baptized on saturday. The other is a young kid named Mauricio. His parents were baptized about eight years ago. Due to problems with housing and other personal trials, they had lost contact with the church for more than five years. Mauricio's father is now in prision and has been there for the last two years. It looks like he won't be leaving for a while either. By checking the ward directory we passed by and started to teach Mauricio. The whole family is now attending church and the father is so happy. I had a chance to talk to him by telephone the other day and he is so happy that we are there helping his family.
I know this Church is the Church of Christ and that He lives. I love you all.
Elder Ricks

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