Sunday, January 22, 2012

Email from January 13

How are you all doing? Things are great here in mexico. The holidays are finally over, so the work is getting back to normal. I have learned so much and after seeing the trails that many people have been through or are going through here in Mexico makes me realize how merciful God has been with me. Please never forget how blessed you are!!!!
There isn't too much going on here, but I wanted to share some thoughts with you from my studies. I was reading the other day in 4 Nephi where it says that the people had all things in common. Or in other words, they were living the law of consecration. The grand majority of the church isn't living the law of consecration right now, but that shouldn't hold us back. We may not be able to live it temporally in these days, but we are able to live in spiritually. Let me explain. In 4 Nefi it says that they had all things in common. So how can we have all spiritual things in common? Jesus Christ lived the law of consecration both temporally and spiritually. In D&C 122 it says that He descended below all things. Or in other words, He had all things in common with us. All the pain, heartache, sadness, and so on. We must be as Christ. We will never be able to descend below all things, but we can descend a little to help other. We can put ourselves in their shoes. We can care for them so much that we can feel their pain and understand their heartache. We can have all things in common with them. That is the only way to help others. That is the reason Christ can help us. He descended to where we are so that He can left us up to where He is. We must do the same. Christ gave everything. We must give everything as well.
I wish Icould explain better, but it is hard for me to put it in words. I hope to share more with you after the mission. I love you all!!!
Elder Talyor Ricks

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