Monday, March 7, 2011

How are you all going? All your talk about snow is making me miss skiing. The weather here is pretty mild. Right now we are just entering the hottest months, then comes July and August which is just a lot of rain. I am excited for those months. I love the rain. It actually rained Saturday night and it was great. The smell reminds me of Washington.
So how is life? Everything is going great here. I am still with Elder Leon and we have a lot of baptisms coming up. We are both excited to start a new change together. Things have been pretty tough in this area, but I know things are going to get better. We have a lot of new goals and plans to try to pick up the area. I got to interview a little nine year old kid Saturday and it was great. It is so amazing to see how muture some of the kids here are. It is kind of funny because in Iztapalapa you find the most stupid kids that don't have a clue about life or anything, and then you find nine year old kids that pray with more faith than most of the adults. I am learning so much.
It is so great to here about all the amazing stuff you are all doing. I am now getting to the point where everything here is normal. All of my thoughts are in spanish. I actually struggle trying to speak english. Crazy huh! It feels like my life before the mission was just something I say on TV once. It doesn't feel like I actually lived it. I can't even imagine being home. I love it here. I am learning so much and I never want to stop. It is a good thing I still have a year.
I love you so much. I will send more pictures. Life is great isn't it?! Make someone smile every day. Christ lives!! I know it.

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