Monday, February 28, 2011

How are you all doing? Can you believe that I almost have a year? Crazy right? Thinks are going great here. I can`t believe I have been in this area for four and a half months. I have a feeling that I am going to have changes but I don't know. Changes are this next week, so I guess we will see. Berenice and Allison recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday and it was amazing. I felt so happy. I want to tell you the story of them and their family. Are you ready?........

One thing we do in this mission, is we believe that angels are actively engaged in this work, so at night when we are done planning for the following day, we leave our planner open on the desk so the angels can come down and see our plan and prepare our way for the next day. So one night about for months ago, we put in out planner that at one o'clock the next day we would find a family to teach. The next day we went about our work and when one o'clock rolled around we started to look for this family. After a lot of contacts and no success, my companion told me that he needed to use the bathroom so we went to the house. When he was in the bathroom, I decided to look some old contacts the missionaries had made. One name called my attention. I told my companion and we decided to call them. A lady answered and asked if we could come over right them. We said yes and went over. Her and her grandson started to progress and the next week she invited her daughter-in-law and granddaughter over to listen to us. The lady, Leticia, and her grandson, jeffrey, got baptized January 23. Her daughter-in-law, Berenice, and granddaughter, Allison, got baptized February 21, and Berenice's mom got baptized yesterday in another ward. It was a miracle. I love this work. I am so glad I still have a year left. I love you all. Keep smiling.

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