Monday, March 14, 2011

One Year!!!!

Can you believe that in just a couple days I will have one year? Time goes by way too fast. So how are you all doing? How is life back at the ranch? It sounds like you are all doing amazing. Just two days ago we had two more baptisms. An older lady and her granddaughter both got baptized. Their names are Maria del Carmen and Dayana. The change in this sister was one of the biggest I have seen in my whole mission. When we first met her she didn't really take anything serious but now she is in second Nephi in the Book of Mormon. She has become so much happier too. Right now we are working on her son and her mom. It was such a great service. I will send pictures!!
So life is amazing here. There is a ton of work but that is what makes it fun. There is never a dull moment. The people we meet every day are so great. People still stare at me all the time, but I kind of like it. Here is mexico they stare forever and don´t even care, so when I see someone staring at me I just stare back. They don´t look away for anything and pretty soon it turns into a staring contest. It is so funny.
About a week ago I bought another set of scriptures in spanish and I am now going through them and marking them good. I have so many new things and I love it. I love the scripture. I have a goal to finish the Book of Mormon, D&C, PGP, and the New Testament before I finish my mission. I am so excited. It is so amazing how we can find every situation in our lives in the scriptures. If any of you want to take this challenge with me go right ahead. I would love the company.
I love you all. The thought of you keeps me working hard and keeps me close to the love of God. Be happy. Querer es poder. Look those works up, then go read Helaman 3:27-29. I love you.

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