Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey everyone. Well, we had a great week. Just yesterday we had two more baptisms and they were amazing. It was an older lady with her granddaughter. I think I told you on the phone, but the granddaughter is the one who wants to marry me. It is pretty funny. Everything else is going great. We are starting to see a lot more success and it feels so good.
I wish you all could be here with me to see and feel the things that I am feeling. I love you all so much. I will send some pictures to show you what I have been up to.
Elder Ricks


  1. I am not sure if this is the same Elder Ricks that is serving with my son Elder Weston Marsh in Mexico City South. My son has a picture of Elder Ricks on his blog in letter#15 elderwestomarsh.blogspot.com my son is in izalapapa, progestista zone. I clicked on follow this blog so you can probably click on my name to get to his blog. Lottie Marsh

  2. You know what...I think it is the same elder Ricks, because the baptism photos are the same in the background from my sons and your brothers. What a small world. I happened upon your blog one day, when I was searching missionary blogs in Mexico and I signed up to follow it so that I could book mark it. feel free to read my sons blog also. You may be able to copy the photo by right clicking on it and saving it to your hard drive.