Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey everyone!!! How is life going in good old Utah? Isn´t it crazy how fast time flies. Before you all know it you will have to put up with all my missionary stories. ha ha So this week was pretty good. I think I already told you, but I got a new companion. His name is Elder Leon and he is great. He only has about seven months, so I am now the senior zone leader. It is a lot of responsibilty, but I am excited. We are teaching a lot and find a lot as well. We finished up January with five baptisms, which is good, but not great. We have a lot to get better.
Right now we are teaching a lady named Berenice and her daughter named Allison. They are so amazing. They have wanted to get baptized for the last three weeks, but their husband/dad won´t give them permission. They are showing a ton of faith and they told us that they aren´t going to give up. We are praying for them a lot and if you guys get a minute, an extra prayer or two from you would really help. Another lady named Teresa is really close too. The things she has had to do to follow Christ have been hard but her faith is amazing. We baptized her son last week and I think that is going to help them a lot.
Dad, thank you for your email. It sounds like everything is going great back at home and that makes me happy. Keep me updated on BYU. John 17:3, in spanish there are two ways to say "know". one is saber, which means to know facts or an answer to a question, and the other is conocer, which means to know a person or to be familiar with something. In spanish this scripture says conocer. The question that we need to ask ourselves is do we "know" God and Jesus Christ, or do we just know facts about them? Do we know "who" they are? Or do we just know "what" they are? We need to conocer God and Jesus and not just saber. I love you
Mama, I miss you. I hope you are doing amazing. Keep a smile on that face of yours and remember that if we get discouraged, we don´t understand the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Don´t worry, be happy now ooooo ooooooo. ha ha Good song. I love you mom.
Nia, Shayla, Matthew, and Hailey, stay tuned. I will write you guys next week. I love you all and I hope you all know how much God loves you.
Have a great week!!! xoxox

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