Friday, September 9, 2011

We are finally in the new house. We have been sleeping six in a tiny little house for the last three weeks and just this last Monday we got to move into the new house. I will send pictures later. Anyway... That was a highlight of the week. Things are going great here like always. President invited us to chinese food today in the centro (center of the city). It was a lot of fun. It wasn't as good as snow dragon but the fact that it was a buffet made it worth it. Next thursday is the Mexican independence day so the city is filling up with people. Elder Jessup bought a huge mexican flag today and we are going to hang it up in our room. Haha we are mexican at heart.

The work is going good. Like I said the other day, we baptized most of our investigators so right now we are busy putting dates or goals with a lot of people. We have so many people that are so ready but because of problems with working on Sundays and getting permission from their husbands and families, we are just playing the waiting game. There are a few people who will be getting baptized this month and I am way excited for them. One of them is an older lady named Estela. She is the grandmother of another family we are teaching. She can't read of write. Although we have been teaching her family for tthe last month or two, we just met her last week, and this Sunday she showed up at church and she loved it. She says that she has felt so good lately. We went to teach her yesterday and we talked about repentance and forgiveness. When we first got to her house she told us that after we were done talking she was going go travel to Xochimilco, which is another part of the city that is about two hours away. We asked her why and she said she was going to go find a man that she lived with for awhile to forgive him for what he had done. This was before we even started teaching. She is an amazing lady and she is going to bet baptized on the 17th.

I still have a few pictures I need to send you of baptisms. I will try to send them next week so you can see these amazing people who have decided to change their lives and take their cross. I am so thankful for this chance to be on a mission and I can't help but feel bad that you can't all be with me to see and feel these life changing moments. I can't wait to tell you all about it. I hope you are planning a few hours just to talk when i get home. I love you all so much and I hope you all know that.

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