Friday, September 2, 2011

How is everything going? Things here are going great. Like I mentioned last week, we just had another three baptism just this last Saturday. The service was amazing. I think I already told you a little about Norma, Sophia, and Leticia. They were all so happy and the changes in their lives have been huge. Leticia used to be the most timid lady I had ever met, and now she loves coming to church and she is makes so many friends with the sister in the ward. I am so happy for all of them. With Norma and her husband, Victor (who is going to get baptized on the 24th), I have now married five couples (sorry if I have used a lot of money Dad). I love seeing families make these commitments to follow Christ.

We finally found a house for the mission. It is huge too. We will be moving in on Monday. That, of course was a big highlight of the week. I don't know If I had told you, but we have been living six in a little tiny house for the last three weeks. It is horrible. I am glad to get into a new house. The house is just a little smaller then our house there in Fairview. It is going to be great. Elder Jessup and I were actually the ones that found it. We were lead be the Spirit. I will have to tell you the story later. haha

It is crazy how fast the time flies. I feel like this mission has been my whole life. It is going to be so wierd to be hame again. Maybe I will just stay out here. I love you all so much. Smile for me and forgive me for my short letters. I know this Church is the Church of Christ. I know that He lives.

Elder Ricks

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  1. Beautiful words Taylor.
    I'm a blog "follower' now.
    Keep up the good work cunado.