Monday, April 18, 2011

Pictures and a Letter

Alright... sorry about last week. I honestly had no time. That is life as a zone leader. I don´t know if I told you, but las week we went to these amazing waterfalls. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. We had to hike about four miles, and it was pretty much straight up. but it was worth it. I wish you all could have seen. I will send pictures. I am not going to lie, it made me miss Fairview Canyon. We will have to go visit it later.
So just last week we baptized an 81 year old lady and it was so amazing. When we first met her about four months ago, she told us that she was never going to change her religion and that she would never get baptized. And four months later... what do you know. She is such a funny old lady. Her name is Josefina
Well, we just got told our changes last night. It looks like I am going to be heading to Churabusco as zone leader with Elder Rodriguez. I am pretty excited. I have been in this area for six months now. I got to meet some amazing people and make some amazing friends, and best of all, I had the chance to help people start on the path to eternal happiness. I am so glad I got to be here so long. I learned so much. I promised a lot of people I would come pack to visit, so, Dad, you better be getting ready.
Isn´t it pretty crazy that in less than a month I will be talking to you all again on the phone. Crazy how time flies right? I am so glad to be on a mission. I still have a lot to improve and a lot to live out here. I am glad for that too.
I hope you all are doing amazing. Let me know how life is treating you all. I love you all!!!!!
Elder Ricks

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